24-HR Emergency Tree Removal Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Apricot tree in Salt Lake City toppled over due to High winds. Cleaned up by Arbor Services

Emergency 24-Hour Salt Lake City Tree Removal

If you have an after-hours tree emergency, please call the regular office telephone number. An operator answers our telephone 24/7. Please let the operator know that this is an Emergency and wether you are an existing customer. In an emergency the operator will locate one of our Arborists who will call you. We charge $100 to come out after hours. This will be credited back if you hire us to perform the tree service.

Tarp put on roof after tree removal in Salt Lake City.


If you have a tree related emergency we are available 24-Hours a day 7 days a week

If you have a Tree that has blown over on to your house or a limb that has broken off causing damage to your roof contact us and we will help protect your home from further damage. After our emergency response crew safely and efficiently removes the tree and cleans up storm damage debris they will instal a heavy duty industrial tarp over any holes in your roof. The tarp will protect your home from the elements and help prevent further damage until your construction contractor can fix your home.

Picture of insurance claim form being filled out after a Storm Damage Tree Emergency in Holladay UT.


We have extensive experience dealing with emergency tree services and Storm Damage clean up. If your tree or your neighbors tree has collapsed and caused extensive damage to your property the experienced Arborists at Arbor Services of Utah are available to help.

We are insurance claims experts and can walk you through the claims process and provide the information and documentation to get the  help, services and repairs you need. We are available to homeowners  24/7 for Storm Damage in Holladay, UT. all of the Salt Lake City Metropolitan area and Summit County.

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