Shrub Pruning


Shrub Pruning

There is more to shrub pruning and trimming than most might think. Some company's just get out the gas powered hedge trimmers and cut away at the new outermost branch growth to form a neat and tidy square or round shape. For a couple of shrub pruning applications , such as a formal hedge or living fences this can be appropriate. But for most shrubs, this type of treatment results in a thin layer of green leaves on the outside of a mishaped and odd looking shrub with nothing but dead stems in the interior. When shrubs are pruned wrong and the interior dead branches show  there is often nothing alive that can grow in to fill the damaged area. The few leaves that are left and available to produce for the plant are often insufficuent and the shrub declines over time and looks worse every year until it dies. 

For residential and commercial shrub care and shrub pruning throughout Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities and towns trust the professionals at Arbor Services of Utah. Our team of professional Arborists know what to prune and when. We know how to make the right pruning cuts for different plants, how to control overgrown shrubs, make them bloom, increase flower yield, and so much more. Our shrub pruning services vary depending on what is best for the plant, the time of year and our customers goals and objectives. Some typical shrub pruning objectives are to increase beauty and  maintain health and vigor, remove dead, dieing or diseased branches, maintain, decrease or increase shape and size and improve flowering and fruiting production. We accomplish this through skilled pruning technuques that include shearing, heading back, shrub rejuvination, major restructuring hedge shaping, hedge thinning and even topiary pruning. Along with our expert shrub care and pruning knowledge we have the tools, equipment and the experience to prune very large and over-grown bushes, hedges or shrubs that can be dangerous to prune without the right equipment. The professional Arborists at arbor services will work with you to get your shrubs in great shape, then together create an ongoing care and pruning plan to that will fit your budget and ensure your shrubs are healthy and happy for many years to come. Trust the Salt Lake City shrub and hedge experts at Arbor Services to keep your property looking its absolute best. 

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